Return to Learn Plan

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At the bottom of this page, you will find a "Draft" copy of the MSD of Boone Township "Return to Learn" plan.  This plan was developed using the Indiana Department of Education "IN-CLASS" document, guidance from the Porter County Health Department and collaboration with other Porter County School Districts.


Before reviewing some of the key points in this document, I would like to thank those of you who completed the survey that was sent on June 4th.  The information we received from the survey created some great discussion points for our "Return to Learn" committee.  I also want to thank all of our administrators and teachers who served on the "Return to Learn" committee in June.  This committee formed to discuss the finer details of the plan and how these protocols will be implemented on a daily basis when students come back to the buildings.  All school districts in Porter County have plans that are similar and we have been working together to stay aligned although we all have different community needs.  


My hope is that you take the time to look at the document and post any of your questions or concerns using the link in this email below.  We will be recording a virtual discussion with answers to the most frequent questions from this survey and sending the video link to all parents on Monday, July 13th.  The link will be sent to your inbox the morning of July 13th and be available to view at any time.


Here are some of the key points of this draft of the "Return to Learn" plan:

  1. Similar to a stop light, our plan is using GREEN, YELLOW and RED as indicators for parents and students.  
  2. As of today, we would be on GREEN at all three schools at Hebron.  GREEN means that we can have all students back to school but with certain precautions and protocols.  
  3. Any student can choose the option of enrolling into our Virtual School.  This will look a little different than the eLearning days we were forced into the last few months of school.  You can choose this option for the first semester.  Information about the second semester will come later in the school year.  A "draft" copy of information and expectations for this virtual learning option are also attached in this email.
  4. If we were forced to go to RED, this would indicate that we may need to shut down for a couple of days for cleaning, sanitizing and to assist with any other concerns from the Porter County Health Department.
  5. If we were finding a community spread of COVID-19 and if we were forced to shut down several times, this is when we would look to implement the YELLOW model.  We understand that this model would cause hardship for many families, therefore we are communicating this as our worst case scenario option.  We will give everyone time to plan if we need to make this adjustment.
  6. Masks will be worn when social distancing is not able to be achieved.  Students will be wearing masks in the hallways, on a bus and in the cafeteria lines.  Once in the classroom, students will be able to take off their masks.
  7. Students will still have recess!  This is a vital component to the learning process in elementary school children.  Recesses may be staggered or in several locations outside the building.
  8. Students will be placed in cohorts (Elementary and Middle School) and will follow each other much of the school day.  Seating charts will be adhered to on the bus, in the cafeteria and in classrooms for contact tracing purposes with the Porter County Health Department.

To stay on GREEN, we all must pay close attention to the Self-Screening protocol in the plan.  Please make sure you look at this part of the Return to Learn plan so that we are sending healthy students to school.  This is a vital component to keeping the schools open.


Online registration opens at the MSD of Boone Township on Friday, July 17th.  We will need to know your preference of coming back to school whether it be physically at school or in our Virtual School so that we can plan accordingly.  It is important that we have this information by August 1st at the latest.


Click here  to access the Parent Question/Concerns Feedback Form.


Thank you for taking the time to review this information.  I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable 4th of July!



Jeff Brooks


MSDBT DRAFT Return to Learn 2020-2021 Final Plan updated 061820.pdf

20-21 Virtual School Option - DRAFT.pdf 

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