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Timothy Prikkel
ES Principal (Ext. 103)

The 2019-2020 school year came to an abrupt end for all schools across the country. On March 13th we closed our doors thinking we would be returning in approximately three weeks. On April 2nd, Governor Holcomb announced that all schools in Indiana would be closed for the remainder of the school year. Our teachers and students quickly moved into E-Learning mode and we all learned together. A big thank you to all of our teachers for all of their time and effort in making E-Learning work for our students. Also, a big thank you to our parents for helping your children succeed during this difficult time. Let’s not forget to recognize our technology department for helping parents and teachers during this time.


With all of the questions and uncertainty schools are facing in dealing with Covid-19, we decided it would be wise to have devices available for all students in the Elementary. IPADS will be available for Kindergarten and Chromebooks will be available for students in grades 1-5. If we would need to close again for short stretches or even longer periods of time, we will be prepared to send every student home with a device to help them continue their learning.


Jim Martin, 

Elementary Principal



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