E-rate 2018 FAQs

More information about our Erate Postings for 2018 Last Updated: 1/8/2020 4:55 PM

471 RFP High School and Middle School Equipment - Due 2/7/2018 at 2 pm CST

MSD Boone Internal components


CLOSED (Awarded December 2017) -

470 for Internet Line and Testing Line Links to our worksheets and filings:

/userfiles/133/my files/erate 2018/fy2018_470_internet_access_msd_of_boone_township_testing.docx?id=2185

/userfiles/133/my files/erate 2018/fy2018_470_internet_access_msd_of_boone_township_web_access.docx?id=2186

/userfiles/133/my files/erate 2018/internet_access1_180001836_web.pdf?id=2187

/userfiles/133/my files/erate 2018/internet_access2_180001841_testing.pdf?id=2188

Questions & Answers (FAQs) about our 470 posting

1. Question: "Regarding the form 470 #180001841 and 470 #18001836, does the school corporation require two separate Internet Access connections?  Or would it be acceptable for a provider to deliver two hand-offs to the customer’s WAN head-end from a single connection?"

Answer (10/17/2017): We are asking for quotes for 2 separate lines.

Please direct all questions by email to erate2018@hebronschools.k12.in.us